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In order to satisfy our vision of bringing history alive online for all generations and users, not only have we been busy with the historical aspect of our edutainment products, but we created innovative programming to liberate our products online.  Our brilliant web development team has been hard at work on our product PumaCMS, now completing version 4.2 and offering the product to the open source community.

PumaCMS is a wikilike content management system developed over the course of several years for Creole West Productions. Why didn’t we just use something else? Basically, everything we ran across when evaluating other content management systems and wikis just didn't fit our vision of a CMS that was easy for both customized development and the end user. Since the CMS would form the foundation of several of Creole West Productions’ core websites and products, it was reasonable to build a new CMS from scratch.

Recently, Creole West Productions has decided to release PumaCMS to the rest of the world. We thought it was useful, and maybe someone else out there will too. Having spent most of its life as internal software, there’s not much documentation on how to use it and how to make it work for you. This blog aims to fix that situation with a series of articles about how to customize PumaCMS for your own nefarious purposes, as well as the nitty-gritty details of administering a PumaCMS website, and documenting some of the more important internal features of PumaCMS along the way.

For more information about PumaCMS, please visit our developers' blog

We'll build your website

To inquire about our team developing your website where:

the look and feel is specified by you powered with the ease of PumaCMS 4.2 as the content

management system which allows you to modify any page content without developer's assistance

please contact Creole West Productions.

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