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This Place in Time

Artist Statement

To illustrate the sense of place of Pointe Coupée goes well beyond the physical landscape. This place is infused with history. I titled the piece "A Place in Time" because of the dominating feeling of passage when looking at the beauty of Pointe Coupée. The background of lush land with blue water is prevalent with each riverbank. From the water's edge is a road, which symbolizes the path the people traveled from water to land. The tree symbolizes the people who came to this land, put down roots, and received sustenance from the earth and the water to grow, then built their community into a solid and strong group. The branching out of the tree symbolizes the reaching out of the people with their stories and history. The leaves and moss are a sign of a healthy and flourishing community. The tree is a metaphor for sharing and inclusion through the pride instilled in the community. Pointe Coupée Parish—A Place in Time.

L.J.C. Shimoda, artist