At Creole West Productions, we know history is best expressed in a variety of media and artistic expressions. In our gallery, we build our collection of original Web and publications graphics, essays, images, audio, and video clips. To view any of the items in the gallery archives, click on the image or text link description for each item. To purchase prints of the art, please contact

New Orleans Ascending
A collaboration of the director and graphic artist created in tribute of Hurricane Katrina and the future of New Orleans.
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The essence of Louisiana Créoles is shared in a collaborative effort of art and words
To Be Creole: A Basket That Holds Everything
©2004 Julie Eshelman-Lee
LJC Shimoda, artist
To pay tribute to the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase in 2003, we designed a commemorative mural. For an insight into the process of development of this mural, listen to the interview with the director and the artist. See the Artist Statement and Mural
Designed for a poster image for the first annual Créole Homecoming Festival in New Roads, LA; fall of 2001. This Place in Time
Designed for the home page mural for the inaugural Creole West Productions site in 2000. Who I Am.